New Release: The White Book Of The Mind by LERM

Legendary electronic band LERM releases ‘The White Book Of The Mind‘ and enters into the world of film-bound and mystical music inspired by films such as Blade Runner, Drive or the Stranger Things TV series. Arpeggiated notes triggered from their synthesizers filter through to create ethereal spaces to be discovered in each track.
Elves, fairies, gnomes, white magic, a rural house in a Cataro village in Catalonia, a father telling his children stories of crusaders and Templars, mother earth, water, the sun… all united in the same symbiosis… this hereditary message is perpetuated in the form of electronic music full of visual ideas.
Every song is a step towards enlightenment and knowledge. 12 meditations plus one (available only with the album) to help you discover the contents of your own book. The iTunes version comes with a 3 page digital booklet that automatically downloads with the album. Click here for more info.


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