Coming Soon: All Systems Go By Benjamin Koll

All Systems Go - Benjamin Koll

Benjamin Koll is back in 2020 with his most mature album yet. “All systems Go” Includes 14 songs that span over an hour of previously unreleased music with deep, insightful lyrics interlaced with a gorgeous sonic landscape with heavy influences on R&B and house music showing a natural evolution from his previous debut album. Benjamin’s deep vocals help create a blend that sounds modern and sexy, and still manages to keep a retro feel that is a now staple in his sound. The album features 12 songs written and produced by him plus “Love Is All That Matters” produced by Jose Spinnin Cortes and a trancey cover of Chris Rea’s classic “Looking For The Summer”. The album has been mastered for iTunes by Grammy Award Winner Fernando Alvarez (440 Mastering).

Keeping the tradition that started on Songs for a Better Future, this album comes with the release of 100 page paperback listening companion photo book where you will learn more about each one of the songs and their back stories, as well as all the lyrics, and more than 90 never-before seen photos of Benjamin for your viewing pleasure. This book is sold exclusively on Amazon online stores.

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All Systems Go - Listening Companion

Get them both and enjoy an intimate, private date night with Benjamin Koll and his music.

The release date for all formats, Limited Edition Signed CD, Paperback Photo Book & Digital is February 28th 2020.

iTunes special edition features Apple Digital Master and a exclusive 5 page pdf booklet with extended artwork.

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