Benjamin Koll – Songs For A Better Future

Songs For A Better Future - Benjamin Koll

After more than 2 years in the making, the debut album from Benjamin Koll is finally here! Get ready for a music-driven time travel, back to the eighties and fast forward to the future.

Songs For a Better Future delivers more than 70 minutes of music in 17 tracks, making it a well-rounded album with styles ranging from downtempo and chill-out to funk and house music, without losing the feel-good vibe that has been a staple on Benjamin Koll’s music.
It includes all of his previous singles, and many more goodies. Look out for the expanded versions of some of the songs and submerge yourself in the visual universe of Benjamin Koll browsing the Listening Companion, a paperback illustrated photo book released simultaneously online (available exclusively on Amazon stores), containing all the lyrics, song insights, photos and more. Songs For A Better Future is published and available in different formats:

Available Formats

Songs For A Better Future CD

Songs For A Better Future – Limited Edition Signed CD

Get now the Limited Edition signed & dedicated CD now through our Paypal secure store page, you don’t need to have an account there, just a debit or credit card. Select your location on the dropdown menu to see the price, worldwide shipment included. Please tell us the name you want the CD dedicated to. Press “Buy Now” and you’ll be sent to the Paypal secure pay gate. Once we receive your order, we’ll send you the signed CD and a tracking number by email, be sure to fill your address correctly. You will receive it within a month. Hurry up! because this is a very limited edition. Please go to the store by clicking on any of the images.
Songs For A Better Future - Benjamin Koll
Songs For A Better Future - Benjamin Koll

Songs For A Better Future

Songs For A Better Future – Digital Edition

Songs For A Better Future is a new kind of experience, dive in and enjoy. Get the digital edition of the album on your favorite digital music store or using this links:
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Songs For A Better Future Listening Companion Book - Benjamin Koll

Songs For A Better Future – Listening Companion Photo Book

This book will be your listening companion to Songs For A Better Future, my first musical album. We will travel together through the seventeen songs discovering pictures, stories, illustrations, the lyrics and much more. Lay down and relax, it’s time to begin our dream together. It’s a 92 page paperback book available exclusively on Amazon Stores. Choose your favorite:

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