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Benjamin Koll is the brainchild of Spanish producer Juan Belmonte. Born in Alicante, Spain, Juan showed interest in the arts, especially in literature, painting and music. Starting out as a DJ in his teen years he soon discovered he would rather make his own music than play someone else’s and pursued his career as a producer.

Having tailored successful tracks and remixes for world-known pop bands and singers, Juan Belmonte, as a musician, is known for his top-notch production technique and knowledge to craft club and radio hits that captivate audiences all over the world. He first formed the production team “Pumpin’ Dolls,” becoming one of the most sought-after names in the industry, including works for artists such as Santana, Mike Oldfield, Christopher Cross, Whitney Houston, Cher, TLC, Kylie Minogue, Matt Bianco, A-Ha, Blue, Monica Naranjo and Miami Sound Machine. In 2005 he stopped the “Pumpin’ Dolls” brand and started doing solo work under his own name.

After taking a little break from music and focusing on the publishing of his first novel, he returned in 2012 and created his own label. While working with Spanish and Latin American artists on his new adventure, he began toying with the idea of recording his own vocals for a new song; this is how the character Benjamin Koll started to take shape and form.

Benjamin is the result of a dream; a persona born out of the necessity of making music that is completely in his own taste and style versus doing what other artists wanted him to do. At the same time, this provided him the chance to express music that resonates with men who are attracted to other men. Sonically, his first album shows heavy influence in the soul, house and funk genre and the overall project feels happy and uplifting. Benjamin’s stage presence is powerful and sexy and the shows are designed to be a visual and musical sound experience.

Benjamin Koll’s music is fresh, exciting, honest and very, very funky!


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Bear World MagazineRichard interviews Benjamin Koll for Bear World Magazine. He describes “Songs For A Better Future” as a music-driven time travel, taking you back to the eighties and then fast forwarding to the future, and they talk about inspirations, bears and music. Check it out here.



Palabra de OsoBob Flesh entrevista a Benjamin Koll para Palabra De Oso y hablan de música, osos, sexo, México, libros y de muchas cosas más que te van a interesar. No te lo pierdas, pulsa aquí para leer la entrevista completa.




BecomingFor Becoming, Benjamin Koll talks about his career, background, bears… and his beard. Read the full interview here.

Benjamin Koll est un chanteur et DJ ours qui nous fait naviguer entre le funk, l’electro et le disco. Pour Becoming, ce daddy bear nous parle de sa carrière, son parcours, des ours… et de sa barbe. Lire l’interview complète ici.


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Benjamin Koll - Changes

Benjamin Koll - 2menkiss

I'll Be Good - Benjamin Koll


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