Now Available! “All Systems Go” Listening Companion by Benjamin Koll

All Systems Go Listening Companion - Benjamin Koll

Just days before his second album “All Systems Go” hits the stores, and following the tradition set with his first album “Songs For A Better Future”, Benjamin Koll releases a 100 page paperback listening companion photo book where you will learn more about each one of the songs of the album and their back stories. 

In his own words: “One of the things I love about making music is getting together with a friend and listen to the new songs while we talk about them. I want you to enjoy this album with me and make this something special, that’s why I wrote this listening companion.”

The book includes all the lyrics, and more than 60 never-before seen photos of Benjamin (and some guests) for your viewing pleasure and expanded artwork, among them, a new comic strip by the artist Marco ByM Veloso (Brasil). 

This is what Benjamin says about this new book and album:

“This album is called All Systems Go because I’m ready, I feel we’ve got closer enough to open up and talk about more stuff, go deeper, try new things.

I hope these songs help you overcome some of your fears and be a better version of yourself, they sure did help me. 

There’s a huge element of sex on my relation with you, and I will address that as well, taking a step further. At the same time, I’ll let you know a little more about me, sometimes in scintillating pillow talk, other times opening my heart like I’ve never done it before.”

All Systems Go – Listening Companion – Benjamin Koll

This is what you’l find inside the book:

  • 100 page paperback color illustrated book
  • More than 60 photographies and exclusive artwork
  • All the lyrics of the album
  • Production notes, album credits and insights on each song
  • Introduction by Benjamin Koll
  • Foreword by Jose Spinnin Cortes
  • Expanded album artwork

In his foreword, Jose Spinnin concludes:

“This album makes me so happy because it has sparked my interest in buying music again, let me explain why. There is finally again new music I can hear and that is more suitable for the adult listener. The lyrics speak to my heart. On top of that, you have a gorgeous artwork that follows the aesthetic of the previous one, but it also feels more crafted and elevated. This is precisely the type of work I’d be happy to buy.”

All Systems Go – Listening Companion – Benjamin Koll

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