Benjamin Koll :: I’ll Be Good

Discover Benjamin Koll, the new voice of House Music. I’ll Be Good is an amazing vocal track with a contagious groove and a fee-good vibe to it. The extended mix is a delight for true house music lovers. As the track progresses you can’t help but sink into its soulful guitars and Benjamin’s deep and strong vocals. You can’t also stop noticing its amazing harmonies, and the incredible string and piano arrangement that shows why house music still rocks dance floors worldwide.

Jose Spinnin Cortes is in charge of revamping the song. Harsh-sounding electro baselines and wobbling leads create a unique atmosphere that, merged with Benjamin’s deep vocals has a some-what sinister-yet-sexy feel, making it perfect for the peak time and of course the big-rooms. A total surprise.

He also revisits the track with his Subwoofer Remix and gives it a darker feel with his trademark synth stabs, creating a whole new vibe, slower, big room and festival oriented, managing to achieve an spectacular sound that truly stands out when played loud!
Pump it up and fly!

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